1. Training – Staff and Students

All educational institutions need training on a regular basis if they have to be relevant. Dialjini has a network of Trainers in all fields who will ensure that Staff and students alike are up to date with the needed know how in a constantly changing scenario.

  • Some areas of our competencies are- English Language Teaching and learning. How to answer a language paper, writing of essays, writing of Notices, Precis writing and so on.
  • Classroom Management techniques are indeed important for the new teacher and a session on this will help all staff members alike. Often a very knowledgeable teachers loses out because of lack of class control. This a key area of stress and importance.
  • Every teacher is actually a leader in her own right and Principals are not less than CEOs of companies, when you consider that being a school Head involves managing-Time, Resource, People and a host of other details. The average teacher on becoming a school head is totally at sea as to face his/her new role. Interaction with experienced and proven school heads will aid the transition from teacher to Principal smoothly.
  • Remark writing, Lesson Plans form a crucial part in the life of a teacher. This requires keen observation of the pupils as well as a lot of tact and subtlety . Also years of writing lesson plans and remarks will start appearing jaded and repetitive. A fresher perspective will help both the teacher and the taught.

In short, it can be said that Dialjini will help in every aspect of training related to schools.

Some of the schools that have had us train their students and staff are- City Montessori School-Lucknow, Trinity International School, Hoshiarpur, Lodha World School, Palava, Lilavatibai Podar School, Mumbai, Bishops School, Pune, Nazareth High School, Vasai, St. Mary’s School, Mumbai and so on.

2. Curriculum Construction & Development

  • Dr.Krishnaswamy was part of the team that helped prepare the new ICSE curriculum for Grades I to VIII. With years of both teaching and administration behind her, she can aid teachers in modifying the curriculum to suit the needs of students without sacrificing the main essence of the syllabus. Simple experiments, activities and field trips will form part of the program thus enriching staff and pupils.

3. Setting up Schools

  • Way back in 1994, when ICSE schools were not as popular, an ICSE school in the eastern suburb of Chembur the first ICSE school there; proved to be the starting point for Dialjini. As the Principal of the St. Gregorios High School, Chembur, new heights were scaled. Today, the school figures constantly in the top schools of the city and the country. Dr. Ranjini Krishnaswamy has since retired from there but the team continues to provide yeoman service to the community.
  • Dosti Foundation School, Shil (2017 onwards) is another venture where Dialjini’s Ranjini Krishnaswamy has been involved right from the drawing board to the accreditation stage.

4. Turning around floundering schools

  • In 2014, Billabong High International School, Thane faced a major crisis. Withdrawals, Staff turnover, and parent dissatisfaction plagued the school. With Dialjini stepping in at that crucial point, we were able to turn around the school and bring back some of its lost sheen.

5. Soft skills and Communication

  • Dialjini has as associates, professionals with a proven track record, who specialize in Communication, Public Speaking, and Soft Skills, so imperative for a teacher. Courses can be specially designed to suit a school’s special need.

6. Media,Publicity and Legal issues

  • Professionals will aid the school in dealing with these issues that are constantly bothering schools. Sending out circulars that are professionally worded, handling delayed Fee payment, anpublicity for the school can be dealt with by professionals with several years in the field.

7. Staffing and Recruitment

  • With a very wide network within its reach, we can help in recruiting staff both teaching and non-teaching. This will also include drafting appointment orders, negotiating terms and conditions for employment. Young people will also be guided in terms of career choices and courses to be done to suit the choice.

8. Counseling

  • Counseling of all kinds, Academic, Emotional and Aptitudes, can be handled by experts in the field so that students and parents are satisfied. Pupils (with special needs too )will be counseled with regards to choice of subjects, career options and so on.

9. Preparation of SOPs

  • SOPs of all kinds that are needed for schools, whether it is the admission process, exit interview, interaction with public bodies etc will be provided or specially prepared based on the schools requirement.

10. Accreditation

  • Last but not the least we will also help in preparing a school for accreditation once the basic requirements are met with.